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Scenar Therapy Birmingham

Scenar Therapy

Scenar (Self-Controlled Energo Neuro Adaptive Regulator) pioneering device was invented by Russian scientists for use in the space programme by cosmonauts. Janet E Spence is qualified in Scenar Therapy and offers sessions to patients from her Birmingham and Leamington Spa practises.

Scenar therapy is a holistic form of treatment, which stimulates the nervous system and teaches it to heal itself. Electrical impulses, the parameters of which are similar to endogenous nerve impulses, are transmitted through the skin to the nervous system. Fast reacting informational bio feedback means that each impulse is different from the previous one.scenardevice.jpg

What does it feel like?
As the device is moved over the surface of the skin a comfortable tingling sensation is felt. In cases of severe pain or acute conditions the sensations may be stronger.

What conditions can Scenar treat?
In the UK, the devices are licensed by the British Standards Institute for pain relief only. The Russian experience, however, suggests that it may be effective for a very broad range of diseases, including diseases of the digestive, cardiovascular, respiratory, musculo skeletal, urinary, reproductive and nervous systems. Scenar has also shown benefits in the treatment of burns, skin conditions, insect bites, fractures, and allergic reactions.

Following a scenar treatment, the patient is wrapped in a "healing " blanket for 20 to 30 minutes. The blanket is designed to keep out the Earths damaging radiation, and seal in the patients own far infra red healing rays.

Is it safe?
Only people with cardiac pacemakers are not allowed to have Scenar treatment.

If you are receiving treatment from your doctor it makes sense to inform him about Scenar therapy.