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The western diet of manufactured and 'fast' foods lacking in natural enzymes; the overall use of pesticides and fertilisers in the soil; antibiotics in animal feed and during rearing; chemicals in drinking water and pollution of the air we breathe, can all overtax the body to the extent that supplements become necessary.

There is also now much medical evidence to suggest that many conditions presently treated, in the main, by General Practitioners, may respond very well to Nutritional Therapy.

These include migraine, chronic fatigue and exhaustion, irritable bowel syndrome, poor resistance to infection, eczema, some types of nervous disorders, premenstrual syndrome, some types of dysmenorrhoea (painful periods), and poor wound healing. Many menopausal symptoms may be alleviated using a dietary and nutritional approach.

If we do not chew our food properly, we do not impregnate it with the valuable ptyalin/amylase enzyme produced in the saliva needed to breakdown carbohydrates. Nor is the food sufficiently lubricated to assist the stomach digestive processes.

Another common setback is rushing our feeding times. The reason we salivate on seeing or smelling attractive foods being prepared is because our senses have sent messages to the lower brain which, in turn, trigger enzymatic production from the salivary glands and within the stomach.

Stress or fatigue will diminish this important process and thus allow our food to lie heavy in our stomach and, worse still, go on to ferment too excessively, producing highly toxic gases and chemicals in the intestines. These will go to the liver causing it to enlarge and stressing it every bit as much as if were being hit by half a bottle of whisky. And all this from rushing our meals!

Each consultation takes about one hour and includes a 10sg urine test and blood pressure check.