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Naturopathy in Birmingham from Janet E Spence


Today's society is experiencing what could be termed 'Modern Disease Syndrome'. One disease with different manifestations. In this syndrome could be included heart disease, cancer, AIDS, diabetes, arthritis, colitis, mental disorders etc. Underlying the syndrome are imbalances in the regulatory mechanisms in the body resulting from changes in lifestyle factors. These changes involve stress levels, exercise, smoking, drugs, pollutants and especially a multiplicity of interacting dietary modifications which have not, to date, been evaluated for their collective effect.

Researchers into heart disease and cancer see a dietary and life style component to each of these diseases. However, they do not share each other's findings, as though cancer and heart disease were unrelated illnesses, instead of just different genetic manifestations of the same nutritional and life style problem.

Natural healing seeks to create health by eliminating the imbalance (or disease) that produced the illness in the first place. This process begins with the premise that the body is designed to heal itself, given the appropriate support.

Determining what is appropriate nutritional support requires active participation on your part, to become aware of what your own 'inner healer' is telling you. If you are ready to make that commitment to yourself then this is what you need to know.

1. Healing is a long process, and may not always be comfortable. It took time to get you where you are now, it will take time to reverse. To rebuild a body to the cellular level takes a while, and this process is different from person to person.

2. The body is a living, multidimensional organism not a machine. The dynamics, manifestations and mechanisms of the physical body are based on it's blue print or energy pattern, and not solely on its chemical and physiological reactions. Emotions and mental attitudes have a great deal to do with the state of the body. Sometimes a disease can be a part of a spiritual; transformative process, in which case a physical treatment method may be only partially successful.

3. Healing is a process, and may not always be comfortable.

Each consultation takes about one hour and includes a 10SG urine test and blood pressure check.