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Lymph Drainage in Birmingham and Leamington Spa

Lymph Drainage

Manual Lymph Drainage is a gentle form of massage, unlike any other. It is based on light touch and delicate scooping and pumping movements which stimulate one of the body's most vital cleansing waste disposal systems - the Lymphatic system.

The main functions of the Lymphatic system are:

The sedentary western life-style, with lack of exercise and highly refined diet excess fat, sugar and salt, overburdens the Lymphatic system causing sluggish functioning.

This can result in:

and many other complaints. Manual Lymph Drainage is excellent before and during pregnancy and before and after surgery. Manual Lymph Drainage may also reduce chronic pain as it allows the regenerative healing responses of the body to be stimulated.

Consultation and full body massage takes about one and a half hours.