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Iridology is a safe, painless and non-intrusive form of diagnosis via the study of the iris (the coloured part of the eye) using magnification, to ascertain inherited genetic weaknesses (and strengths) and tendencies towards certain organ/system disfunctions.

The iris is made up of connective tissue, containing approx. 28,000 nerve endings, all of which are connected to the brain. In this way the brain receives continual information regarding organ function, and records these messages in iris markings.

These genetic markings, passed from parent to child, give an overall blueprint of the constitution, and can point out weaknesses often several years before symptoms or discomfort become apparent.

Iridology is not a new science. Hippocrates and Philostatus used iridology, and it was taught at the medical school in Salerno. Records of iris markings painted onto stone slabs, were left by the Babylonians in 1000BC.

There are three main constitutional types:

These basic groups are then broken down into subgroups before the iris is studied more closely for organ markings. Many illnesses are simply symptoms of an organ or system dysfunction. Iridology may reveal the root cause of the illness so that direct treatment is easier and more effective.

A consultation takes about one and a half hours and includes 10sg Urine test and Blood Pressure checks.