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Colonic Hydrotheraphy

Colonic Hydrotherapy

The techniques used in colonic hydrotherapy were first recorded in 1500 BC and have been used in traditional and naturopathic medicine since that time. Using sterilised and disposable equipment, filtered water, at a carefully regulated temperature is introduced under gentle gravitational pressure, through the rectum into the colon.

Special massage techniques soften and cleanse the colon of faecal matter and old compacted deposits which are piped away with the waste water, and the modesty of the patient is carefully preserved throughout.

Colon Hydrotherapy may help constipation, diarrhoea; colitis; spastic colon; diverticulitis; liver sluggishness; halitosis; skin problems (acne, eczema and psoriasis); abdominal bloating; allergies; fatigue; some forms of depression and lethargy.

It is also a benefit prior to and following barium enemas and during therapeutic fasting. Some complex conditions such as crohn's disease, myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) and intestinal candida are helped by the effect of Colon Hydrotherapy. It is more effective than an enema as the whole colon is treated and water is not purposely retained.

Of all the organs of the body, the colon is the largest perpetrator of disease. It is said to be the initiator of 80% of all critical illnesses. Many people are permanently constipated because they know no different; taking headaches, lethargy and general depletion as a natural part of life. They simply do not remember what it is like to have a healthy colon and a feeling of well being.

Ideally we should eliminate after every meal, two or three times a day. Most people consider themselves in good order if they have one bowel movement a day. When the colon is clean and healthy we have a sense of well being. Remember, the colon is the sewage disposal unit of the body and as such is susceptible to blockages, stagnation and the formation of decay or toxic substances.

Advice for new patients
Because during the cleansing process good gut bacteria is eliminated along with the bad, it is advisable to replace this with a good quality probiotic. The product I recommend BioNutri EcoDophilus. Containing L.kefir, this superior blend adheres well to the gut wall. Bionutri's products are avaiable via The Natural Dispensary 01453 757792

The initial consultation, with treatment, takes approximately 90 minutes and includes full medical history, iris diagnosis and nutritional appraisal.

Follow on sessions, take about 60 minutes.